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Greetings from ticketshubs ! Please carefully study this plan to understand the terms outlined in our security procedures and policies related to your data and how we will use it. If the agreements don't sit well with you, you should stop using our site immediately. Please keep in mind that if you visit this site, we will assume that you agree to the security measures described above.


This website is designed to give users problem-free guidance when booking hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages at competitive prices.

("we," "us," or "our") refers to ticketshubs and its affiliated entities in this Privacy Policy. Additionally, references to "you," "your," "client," "Guest," and "client" refer to users of the website ( who are using it to browse, consider, discover, and book services advertised on the site. Ticketshubs prioritizes protecting its customers' security as its top priority and is committed to doing so by adhering to the suggested rules. The terms outlined in this protection plan describe how we collect and use your personal information when you visit our site.

Data We Gather

We collect a variety of information from and about visitors to our website, such as:

1. Individual Information:

"Individual Information" refers to information that clearly identifies you as an individual, such as:

Postal address (es)
Phone number
Email address
Credit and check card number and related data
Web-based media account ID
Visa number
In any case associated), and other outsiders, to the degree allowed by material regulation.

2. Additional Details

We may also keep information on your internet activities and purchase habits, as well as transactional history (other than banking insights). Your user’s name, passwords, email addresses, and other information you provided to us that is connected to security is used by our administrations. You wish to store information on our servers that was either created by you or by a third party, including data from connected web-based media channels, picture records, reports, and individual or non-individual data (which incorporate yet are not restricted to name, email address, companion list, profile pictures or whatever other data that is allowed to be gotten according to your record settings).

Other personal information you provide when you contact us or reserve any travel packages, such as your travel preferences or requirements. Additionally, the specifics of your reservation, such as the loading time, the destination you are traveling to, and so forth However, if you divulge any personal information about our services to third parties, you acknowledge that you have the authority to do so and give us permission to use the information in accordance with our privacy statement.

3. Cookies and Session Data:

Treats are tiny pieces of documentation that your software will naturally store on the hard disk of your framework. It utilizes the framework of the website or specialized organization to recognize your software and get precise data. We can modify our tasks to fit your preferences in light of the saved treats on your hard disk. In order to enhance your experience, we make use of the saved goodies to understand your propensity for returning, keep an eye on the adverts, and organize all of the data on site traffic.

It enables us to keep track of the pages that you find useful and the ones that you don't. Treats only allow us access to the information you choose to share with us in any "actually recognized data" about you or your computer. It relies upon the client whether to acknowledge or decline treats.

What We Do with Your Personal Data:

The following ways may involve using the collected personal information:

For Making Reservations

Account holders' names, credit/debit card numbers with expiration dates, banking information, wallet information, and other personally identifiable information may be used by us to make trip arrangements (flight booking, inn booking). We may also use your personal information for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

Confirm your scheduled meetings with specific specialized organizations.
Keep you updated on the status of the swap.
Send confirmations of reservations.
Send updates and modifications to your reservations.
Allow our customer service representative to contact you if necessary.
Adapt the content of our website, mobile site, and portable application to your preferences.
Demand for product or service audits or other improvements.
Send email or check messages (s).
Who Has Access to Your Personal Information?
Specialist suppliers/coops:

Your information will also be shared with our professional partners, such as airlines, hotels, and other service providers, who are responsible for meeting your booking requirements. Make sure we have your permission to give your information to the aforementioned specialist co-ops/providers when making the reservation. However, as it falls under their security plan, how the end specialist co-ops/providers use the data given to them is outside of our purview. As a result, you are advised to investigate the security measures for the specific helper/provider whose services you intend to utilize. Client names and other user personal information are never sold or leased to third parties.

Organizations With a Common Corporate Structure

We only share information with our business/coalition partners or with merchants who have contracted with us to provide various travel services. We may share your personal information with our members or our auxiliary who are restricted by or are under regular control in order to improve our administrative capabilities and provide more customized assistance.

Disclosure of Information:

Despite the circumstances described above Ticketshubs may disclose User Personal Information when required to do so for the following reasons: -

By law for inspection, on a court's order, or in relation to any proper interaction; To manage our business;
When we have reason to believe that disclosing Personal Information of the User(s) is necessary to identify, contact, or take legal action against him/her, who may be harming our freedoms or properties, whether intentionally or inadvertently, or when we have reason to believe that disclosing Personal Information of the User(s) is fundamental to get our systems, or to arraign or safeguard Ticketshubs’s rights or properties, or those of any or all of its partners, colleagues, employees.
We may keep an eye on your Personal Information to protect the safety and integrity of our administrations. This checking may include (without limitation) the screening of incoming and outgoing electronic information transmissions in an effort to avoid spam, infections, and potentially illegal, derogatory, foul, or otherwise undesirable content.
These activities in capacity building and observation may take place without your knowledge. In any case, we won't be liable to you or anyone else for any damages of any kind resulting from such capture, revealing, checking, or capacity.
How Do We Safeguard Your Personal Data?
On the website, all payments have been received. All Personal Information you share is implied to be sent through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Before sending information to us, your program can naturally encrypt it using SSL, a proven coding framework. The website incorporates strict security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and modification of the data that is under our control. We provide you with a secure server for any changes or access to your record data. When your data is in our care, we abide by strict security guidelines to protect it from unauthorized access.

Withdrawal of authorization and consent

The client may object to providing any or all personal information or any authorizations on their tablet or portable, as previously discussed. In the unlikely event that you choose to do so, access to the Website will be denied to you.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

Future changes could change our privacy policy at any time without prior warning. Every User will be affected by changes to the privacy policy unless they explicitly withdraw their consent or authority for Ticketshubs to access and use their information. You can always send us an email at with any questions you have about this privacy policy. Ticketshubs will make an effort to respond to all reasonable questions and concerns.